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A New Breed of Activewear

EYSOM is more than an acronym. Exercise Your State of Mind is a way of life. We make men’s activewear mindful of design, lifestyle and the journey he is on. It is EYSOM's obligation to offer truly authentic designs that fuel joy in the eyes of our clients. The essence of EYSOM was created to blend high-function with the beauty of inspired design. 

Something Special and Unique

We started with a blank canvas and put together creations with a level of refinement that would evoke true enjoyment. We took note to stand out, be different and rise above mediocrity. We encourage you to experience EYSOM for yourself. Our purpose is to make you feel good on whatever journey you may be on. It is to encourage you to be your true self and a means for positive change and quality state of mind.

Creating Your Own Rules

EYSOM was born at a crossroads in the life of its founder, Stan Cheung. After a successful career in the corporate fashion world, he was searching for an outlet to reconnect with himself. He was burnt out from the insatiable needs of fast-fashion and knew intuitively that the high-consumption pace would not be sustainable for the planet or himself. Cutting his teeth developing product for mega-retailers, it was his opportunity to let go the binds of corporate fashion.  

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