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Sustainable Design Philosophy

From fast to slow design

EYSOM stands out from other brands in the active apparel space. We believe individuals are ready to shift from disposable mass-manufacturing to well-made quality clothing. To buy less frequently and wear more often. We put attention and detail into our products - creating high-function items that serve with joy and purpose for a long time. This is the intelligence of when leading edge innovation aligns with conscious consumption. This is sustainable design.

Our journey to 100%

Sustainability has become everybody’s buzz world of the moment. For EYSOM, sustainability is an instinctive and intuitive part of our everyday practice. Sourcing sustainable and eco-conscious materials is engrained in our development process – and we aim to be 100% sustainable in 2022. This means expanding from recycled materials, TENCEL, and organic cottons to newer innovations for less waste. Because buying apparel today should also respect our planet. There is no easy way; just our interpretation of the right way.

Being local-made is essential

Our roots are grounded in Los Angeles. We are at a supreme advantage by having access to some of the most talented experts in garment making locally. This collaborative process with inspiration, creating, and making is the life-force that makes EYSOM unique, special and authentic. Everything is assembled by hand, from the precise cutting of each panel of fabric, to the individually hand-stamped logos. The result is an extraordinary product with soul that you can feel.

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