Design Philosophy


EYSOM stands out from other brands following the active trend. No hype, gimmicks, fast-fashion looks, or mass production here; we are simply well-designed clothing of exceptional quality to help you feel good in your modern life.


Our design process is to create product like no other in the world. We live in a fast-fashion world, and one modern-day luxury we utilize mindfully is time. We put attention and detail into our products - creating styles we continue to refine each season. We only produce limited batch runs. For example, the level of work and care to construct a single pair of shorts can take over 3 hours. There is no easy way; just our interpretation of the right way.


In an industry saturated with mass-produced goods, we took a more mindful approach to manufacturing. Meticulously made in Los Angeles, all our products are carefully made by an expert team of skilled sewers. Everything is assembled by hand, from the precise cutting of each panel of fabric, to the individually hand-stamped logos. The outcome is something unique, special and authentic. The result is an extraordinary product made with pride and soul, from our most important asset, our people.