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EYSOM originated from wanting to offer men something unique and better than the mediocre, mass-produced activewear on the market. We intended to create timeless staples you would enjoy wearing year after year.

Behind the Brand

EYSOM was born at a crossroads in the life of its founder, Stan Cheung. Burnt from the insatiable needs of the fashion industry, he knew that the high-consumption pace would not be sustainable for the planet or himself. After a career building brands for mega-retailers, he started EYSOM from his commitment to fitness and his passion for design. He let go of the learned, outdated industry ways and let his intuition guide him toward building a more conscious brand.

Our Approach

Slow-Fashion Design

All our products are constructed locally in Los Angeles, leading to our hands-on approach and high-control quality integrity. Each piece is hand-assembled to look and feel uniquely special. Our thorough process has a refinement and care that Big Sports Brands cannot replicate.

Can you tell the difference?

Made by the finest Angelenos, our craftmanship is notable and discernible. There are no design shortcuts – each EYSOM Training Short is made from 26 hand-cut panels and takes hours to assemble. Each pair fits perfectly, has the craftsmanship of a bespoke suit, and can carry you from an intense workout to everything else in your day with elegance.

Our Commitment

Sustainability is non-negotiable

Our environmentally conscious products stand the test of time and respect the planet. From materials to packaging, we do our best to choose the most sustainable options. All materials and hardware are sourced and produced within a 10-mile radius. Our packaging and shipping boxes are composed of 100% recyclable materials.

With the lockdown period in Los Angeles, our factory partners shut down. Our inventory quickly dwindled, and we eventually sold out of everything. This hiatus allows us to assess what it means to exist in today's fashion industry while advocating for sustainability and conscious consumption.

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