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With almost 6,000 homeless youth in Los Angeles on any given night, they are some of the most vulnerable this winter season.

During these uncertain times, Covenant House has started serving 40% more meals than they used to. Many other service providers have shut down, which is why it’s so important to contribute now.

15% of sales proceeds go to provide food to our Los Angeles community.

Let’s be about this, together.


Please donate

With our factory closed temporarily and inventory at an extreme low, you may not be able to find something to purchase at this time. Please still find it in your heart to help Covenant House California by donating directly if you are able to support them during this critical time.

We hope to be able to open up our production line again soon. If you would like to be alerted when we plan to have gear re-stocked again, please sign up below to our subscriber list.  

Much gratitude,

The EYSOM family

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