Celebrating a Movement

Fifty years ago, a community was willing to rise up. To be seen. To be heard. To demand change.
The 1969 Stonewall Uprising was a fire that ignited a social movement that continues today.
Inclusivity, diversity, equality and freedom are the pillars of EYSOM.

We wouldn’t exist today without the brave individuals who carved a path that inspired communities around the world. The spirit of Stonewall lives on through so many mediums and expressions within our diverse society. The spirit EYSOM was built on is a by-product of this very movement.


The essence of EYSOM was generated by the love of many people aligned with the LGBTQ community. We aim for a world that sees no differences in color, race, gender, age, ability, and sexuality.

This influence has created a genuine fluidity to the brand. It’s a big reason for our uniqueness. It’s what makes the experience special for those who have interacted with EYSOM.

The mantra, EXERCISE LOVE, is a celebration of inclusivity, diversity and ultimately, the deep human connection. We’re created with love and love is all there is. Of the many things we can practice and say to each other, we’re proud that this motto is our first.


The celebration of Pride is part of our daily practice. Pride comes in many forms. We exercise pride in our design process by creating styles that are unique and spark joy.

The attention to detail in our manufacturing showcases the level of artistry that only comes from pride of craft. We exude the most pride from those we call our customers—the early adopters, thought-leaders, trendsetters, innovators, and creatives. Those unique individuals—that aren’t afraid of being seen and heard and just proud to be the best versions of themselves possible.

As we commemorate the 50-year anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising, we take a moment to EXERCISE PRIDE on just how far we’ve come.

World Pride in NYC is a special moment. We stop to reflect on how beautiful it is to live in this world in this very moment. Throughout so many milestones in our community’s experiences, NYC has seen the many shades of the rainbow. We are grateful to have always had the support of the community behind us.